Trophy Homes. More Than An Address. A Place In Life. on an Apple laptopTrophy Homes have been my passion and inspiration throughout my 26-year career in real estate. I have been intrigued and inspired by great homes and architecture ever since I was as a young child driving with my family into the City along Massachusetts Avenue and Embassy Row. I always imagined what it would be like to live in these properties surrounded by classic architecture and fine antiques. The museums and renowned buildings we would visit once in the city only fueled my desire. Later, in French class, I would gaze dreamily at the great chateaus of France in my textbook, longing to visit them, and, one day to live in one of these Grande mansions. Today, many years later, I am fortunate enough own two Trophy Homes — a 4-story restored Beaux Arts brownstone in DC, and a pre-Civil War estate in the Virginia horse country near Middleburg.

HIRES_110252008233627TrophyHomes.Com — An Invaluable Resource In Your Quest For The Very Best

If you are like me, at a certain point in life, you no longer wonder what you want. Thanks to a life well lived, you know the lifestyle that fits you like a bespoke suit and you have the means to acquire it. Here in the Capital Region, Trophy Homes was created for that purpose and no other. Just as you might seek expert advice and counsel when acquiring or selling a piece of fine art or a priceless antique, is an invaluable resource in your quest for the very best – the right properties, the right firm and the right agent.

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What Separates Trophy Homes From Ordinary Expensive Properties?

How do you look at a home to decide if it is worthy of Trophy Home status? In many cases, price and location may play a large part. But, in addition, a Trophy Home must have a certain heart and soul. For a house to appeal to me, it needs to have that special something that sets it apart – be it modern, classic or a country or waterfront estate. To that end, that’s how I’ve conceived and assembled making it easy for you to find what you value in a Trophy Home in one convenient place.

1827_19th_St_NW_35691_10Acquiring A Trophy Home.

Trophy Homes is not merely about a specific neighborhood or the number of digits in an asking price. Here, you will find the home that is the culmination of your aspirations, your desires and your vision of your life here and now. You can explore neighborhoods in your pursuit of your perfect location. We are here to assist you with the acquisition whether it be another company’s listing or our own.

Only TrophyHomes.Com Features Curated Collections

As we did for Capital Region luxury penthouse properties with the famed website,, we have assembled Curated Collections of properties, hand-picked to meet certain tastes and lifestyles. Explore Timeless Classics, Modern Masterpieces, Impressive Acreage, Water Views and more. Where will you find yourself?
You may also search by premier neighborhoods in DC, Maryland and Virginia.

9525_Maidstone_Road_39244_68-edSelling Trophy Homes Is A Symphonic Achievement

As your life evolves, you may wish to sell your current property and move in a different direction — physically, emotionally or both. If so, where better to find out how much it is worth and showcase your property in the Capital Region for maximum exposure to regional, national and international buyers like you?
Because selling a Trophy Home is not unlike conducting a symphony, the experience of repetitive performances and our depth of knowledge may make all the difference between polite applause and thunderous praise.

Whether you are acquiring or selling, please meet with me, Jeff Wilson and the Trophy Homes Team. Discover the value and peace of mind that comes from unmatched representation and highly personalized service.

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